A Wine Lover’s Diary, Part 577: Snowless Christmas

Monday, December 21st: Wrote my 680 News wine reviews and drafted a letter inviting the wineries to enter the Ontario Wine Awards competition. This year we’re partnering with George Brown College Hospitality & Culinary Arts and iYellow Wine Club. In the evening, over to one of our director’s house in Rosedale for Grapes for Humanity’s AGM. We were served Fel Pinot Noir 2012 from Anderson Valley. (Apparently, those are the initials of Cliff Lede’s mother – Florence Elsie Lede). Delicious wine.

Tuesday, December 22nd: Recorded the 680 News wine reviews and worked on the novel.

Wednesday, December 23rd: No snow yet with temperatures rising to 17C which means it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a white Christmas. Spent the day writing more of the novel since there’s not much going on. workwise

Thursday, December 24th: Took Pinot for a long walk in the park. Sent of Christmas greetings to friends. This evening, the annual Christmas party at our friends Arlene and Michael. Always lashing of Pol Roget Brut and great food. Loads of kids this year.

Friday, December 25th: Drove up to Caledon for Christmas dinner at Deborah’s niece Nadine and her husband Gary’s 75-acre property. Usually there’s snow enough to toboggan but this year everything is green. Guy and Sasha and Deborah’s sister Suzanne joined us in the car. I brought up Greek wines since Nadine’s father Spiro is Greek: The Gift of Dionysos Parparoussis Sideritis 2014, Rous Winery Skipper Vidiano-Plyto, Achaia Parparoussis Oenofilos Cabernet Sauvignon Mavrodaphne 2011, Ktima Biblichaora Biblinos Oenos 2010. Spiro made his traditional vegetable soup for lunch; we went for a walk, exchanged presents Christmas dinner.

Saturday, December 26th: After doing the grocery shopping, Deborah and I drove over to Tom’s Place in Kensington Market for me to buy some shirts and trousers. Also picked up a new sports jacket. For dinner, tilapia with a bottle of Château de Charmes Brut: Golden colour with tiny bubbles; yeasty nose of white honey, spring flowers with minerally, citrus notes; mouth-filling with apple, pear skin and lemon flavours. Nicely balanced but not exactly Brut; but expressive Chardonnay none the less with good length (88+).


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